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Guangdong Xinzhihui Packaging Technology Co., Ltd, located in Dongguan, China. it covers 60,000 square meteres. We have been over 16 years experience (from 2005) in packaging industry, we are the Top three professional manufacturer mainly produce 100% recyclable LLDPE Stretch film/Pallet Stretch wrap film,with 11 production lines and 2000T monthly output. We have a strict system to control the quality and costing, from raw material purchasing to production procedures, we’re able to provide all-around, high-quality, professional and efficient service to our clients basing on our rich experience and excellent operation ability.

  • 2005 2005

    Established time

  • 300+ 300+

    Number of Employees

  • 5-layer co-extrusion technology 5-layer co-extrusion technology

    Quality aAdvantage

  • 60000m² 60000m²


  • 1500-2000 Months/Ton 1500-2000 Months/Ton


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products introduces

products introduces

Stretch wrap film with extended handle is more convenient when packing the goods, and the handle can be plastic material or paper material, it’s more suitable to pack little things like boxes, shoes, metals, cable etc.

  • Pre-Stretch Wrap Film
  • Color Stretch Wrap Film
  • Bundling Stretch Wrap Film With Handle
  • Mini Stretch Wrap Film
  • Manual stretch film
  • Machine Stretch Wrap Film
  • Jumbo Roll

Product application area

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Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging

The application field requires high transparency, low extrusion force and high strength; 35% of the stretch film is used in the heavy pallet, which needs a certain clamping force and pallet stability, and has certain physical properties; 40% tensile film is used as dust and rain proof cover in brick building materials, which requires high puncture resistance and tear resistance. MORE
Beverage and canning industry

Beverage and canning industry

At present, the large changes in product capacity (0.25~3.50L) ​​in the beverage industry have very high requirements for packaging stability and performance. The many advantages of stretch film packaging make this technology the best solution for packaging in the beverage industry. MORE


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